Pain au Chocolat

DSC 0087

Flour, New Zealand butter, Imported Chocolate, salt, Yeast and sugar

Each 60g  ¥10

Cheese cakes

DSC 0102

Imported cheese, butter, eggs.

9 lbs  ¥ 220

Velvet Cake


Butter, Eggs, vinegar, salt, suger, vanilla, baking pwder, coco powder, milk, flour, cream cheese.

3 lbs, ¥ 180

Pumpkin Pie


Pure New Zealand butter, Milk, & fresh pumpkin
No trans-fats, HFCS nor artificial enhancers.

Each 6" ¥ 40

Birthday Cakes


Birthday, Chocolate, Sponge, Angel, Red Velvet, Carrot, Banana, Cinnamon, Bundt....

500g ¥ 80

Carrot Cake


Walnut, California Raisins, Eggs, Sugar, Carrots, cinnamon and vegetable oil.

3lbs  ¥100

Chocolate chip Cookies

 DSC 0896

Chocolate chips, pumpkin, candied fruits, Ginger bread.... and many many more

500g ¥50

Swiss rolls


Chocolatte, strawberry, blueberry... and our very own cocnut jelly

Long roll ¥20

Banana Cake


Pure New Zealand butter, Sugar, Eggs, Salt, Bananas, real vanilla & Baking Powder

Each 3lbs ¥100